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That can make things easier for anyone who’s on a monthly budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on monitoring. You can pay as little as $15 to $25 a month for SimpliSafe monitoring, depending on whether mobile access is important to you. That’s about half of what you would pay with some of the other best home security systems, and it can be well worth it for budget conscious people who still want a good system. Read more about what our team found with Simplisafe here. Protect America is another one of the best home alarm systems, and definitely makes our list. Some of the perks of using this system include a rate that’s locked in for life and a lifetime equipment warranty.

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Purchase price varies by provider, equipment package, and payment options.

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to ensure that a power outage won’t take down your home security.

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Bundle rate increases $20/month for months 13 24.

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When the camera is still, though, it produces quality video for its sub $40 price.