Why BDO Gisborne

Every so often, you come across a job so exciting; it makes you spill your coffee. So please – for your own safety – STOP. Put down your hot beverage (should you have one to hand) and only then resume reading the description below.

Our People are as unique as our services.  That said, we all share common values which keep us as the number one accountancy firm in Gisborne.   Our clients businesses are constantly evolving and changing and we in turn, appreciate and value those who can adapt to these shifts. We want to have fun with what we do yet always stay true to the BDO brand – which is what helps drive us.   To keep momentum we are continuously pushing boundaries, not afraid to speak up and are honest with one another. Our roles are our passion, we go above and beyond with infectious enthusiasm and energy. Together the BDO Gisborne team collaborate and look out for each other. This unique blend makes us who we are and we are on the lookout for similar types who can add value to our business.

Why Work for US

Partners and staff are accessible

  • Clients know the people they are dealing with, creating a relationship that ensures everyone feels valued and understood
  • Employees are more invested and empowered due to direct client access
  • Within BDO Gisborne, employees develop strong working relationships through proximity to partners and managers

Our people managers encourage collaboration in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, mentoring, consulting, and exchanging ideas

  • Clients benefit from BDO Gisborne’s collective expertise
  • Employees learn from each other and enhance their skills, while at the same time providing superior client service

The BDO culture emphasises career growth

  • Customised career paths are designed according to the strengths, skills, and personality of each employee, promoting personal and professional growth

Location, Location, Location

  • Our clients can access us where and when they need us
  • Employees can live and work in the communities that meet their needs, now and in the future