Students and Graduates

Looking for a leg up into the world of all things accounting? Want to be part of a company where you’ll gain REAL experience in a firm that is recognised for partnering with XERO – NZ’s most innovative tech company for 2016?  A company whose success is built on social authenticity? Well, this might be the job you’ve been waiting for!

We’re looking for a whip-smart, keen-as-hot-English-mustard accountancy students to temporarily, or permanently, join our team. You’ll gain invaluable on-the-job training and professional insight into the operations of a successful and fast-growing business advisory firm PLUS you get to hang out with some of the coolest accountants on the planet – WIN!


You’ll provide support to our Partners and teams and gain first-hand knowledge of what it really means to run a multi million dollar accountancy business. We’re looking for three months commitment over the summer break.  Excluding Christmas.  Who wants to work over Christmas?  Not us – we have a mandated 3 week break.  Bring on the festive times.

You can expect us to:

We expect you to:

Provide you with a richness of opportunity to broaden your experience, stretch yourself and take the lead
Deliver exceptional client service
Value you as an individual
Behave in accordance with our values
Behave in accordance with our values
Deliver high performance and quality work
Trust you and give you flexibility
Empower your colleagues, share your knowledge and work effectively in a team
Support you in your personal and professional development
Develop a sound knowledge of business and a commercial approach
Listen to your views, involve you and communicate openly with you
Play a significant role in growing client relationships and winning work
Be accessible and approachable
Contribute ideas and listen to the views of others
Agree clear expectations and give you honest, timely and constructive feedback
Have a positive attitude and be willing to put in extra effort when needed
Align your reward to your performance, and give you personal recognition when you do well
Aim high, learn and develop
An internship with BDO is a fully involved experience, reflecting actual working life as far as possible. You will be assigned to a specific project that will bring genuine business benefits to the firm. You will also get to visit a range of different clients from various business sectors, gaining insights into both our work and theirs.
You will meet and work with BDO partners, managers and trainees, who will be glad to
share their experiences and tips on career development. You will also be able to mingle
with other interns through social and work events.

shape yourself a brighter future

An internship with us can make a tremendous difference to your future prospects. A BDO internship will provide you with valuable work experience, new skills and knowledge, and looks great on your CV. Even more importantly, it gives you first-hand exposure to work in a professional services firm, so that you can judge whether this is a career path you want to pursue.
An internship is also a great way to build contacts and networks within BDO, which will be useful whatever you decide to do. We see interns as yourself as the future partners.

Graduate Roles

You’re a recent graduate keen to get a head start in the world of accountancy and have a passion for numbers and business.  You’ll be proactive, with a real thirst to learn and develop new skills – this is a “roll-yer-sleeves-up-and-run-with-it” role.

We have a rolling recruitment cycle for graduates. 

To apply send a CV and covering letter to [email protected]