Competitive Benefits

Competitive salary and benefits

At BDO, our benefits begin – but do not end – with competitive financial compensation for our employees. Our rewards extend to a variety of opportunities for enrichment that allow you to grow both professionally and personally.

Our wide range of benefits, coupled with the flexibility to customise them to individual needs, are among the reasons BDO has been honoured with many awards, including placing in the top 20 of the NZ Graduate Employers 2016.

Compensation and health-related insurance

BDO’s compensation packages are highly competitive, and include excellent benefits: medical, vision, wellness, gym, local businesses, a wide range of employee discounts and access to a free and confidential counselling service. Compensation may also include merit increases as well as opportunities for year-end and discretionary bonuses that acknowledge exemplary performance, contributions, and excellence in our core competencies.

Personal Enrichment

In addition to a wide range of mentoring, training, and professional development offerings, BDO also provides  flexible paid time off programs, granting paid leave for a variety of reasons, including holidays, illness, pursuit of higher education and parental leave.