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Horrible mistake. It has been reset and re programmed twice. Last week, 2 sensors gave off a "communications failure" message. Slowly, PerfectVisionone by one, all the sensors failed. I'm waiting for them to come out again a 4 hour time range. And now I'm getting phone calls from the "manager" from India wanting me to change all the batteries in the sensors to see if that's the trouble before the tech comes out to re program everything a 3rd timedentist provo ut I cussed him out and dared him to call me testical jacuzzi. I want my money back!DO NOT GET THIS SYSTEM!Completely unreliable security system and the mobile app sucks CLick Here. I travel for work on a weekly basis and thought having a home security system will allow me to monitor my condo Click here. Every time when I'm away, I always get this communication failure alert triggered by the door or window sensor Here. The first time I received the text alert, I thought someone break into my condo because the text doesn't say it's a communication failure.

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People like us who have been here and toughed it out have the opportunity to pick up some of that orphaned installed base.

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Due to the awareness they are always watched, PerfectVisionpeople learn to even modify their thinking to avoid thoughts that would be considered in opposition of the government Alder Alarm.

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