Restructuring Assistance

In today’s environment there is increasing pressure to gain and maintain a competitive edge, reduce costs and improve productivity.  Employers need to plan, prepare and manage organisational changes which extend to job changes, potential redundancies and business being sold or purchased.

We can provide specialist assistance to guide, facilitate and manage the restructuring process.  We work in partnership with you to ensure objective outcomes and a process to minimise risk.

The key areas in orgnaistional change are:


Restructuring is about ensuring you have the right roles to achieve your strategy and to meet business needs.  Restructures impact on people’s jobs, and a clear process to meet legislated requirements needs to be followed to:

  • identify the business case for a restructure
  • consult with staff about your business case
  • consider their feedback
  • inform them of the outcome

Post restructure support and change management interventions, for existing mangers and staff is a consideration to maintain motivation and engagement after an unstable period.


This can be an outcome of an organisation change or restructure.  We can assist employers to:

  • act in good faith and apply best practice in redundancy situations
  • deliver a clear message to their team


For employers, we provide one-on-one outplacement assistance to support those who  will be made redundant.  In addition to assisting with the emotional aspect of redundancy, our advisors can help manage the challenges they could expect to face by:

  • identifying their professional goals and objectives
  • preparing their CV
  • upskilling their interviewing techniques

Contact us today and take some of the headache and heartache out of the redundancy and outplacement process.