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They are already in the house for telephone, Internet or cable and trying to throw a spin in there to bundle this home security in. I have noticed that those national companies can’t give that personal service and we have gotten clients whose first alarm system was with a cable company. They call us to have that personal service and those calls are increasing pretty heavily. ”Boggs hasn’t seen much competition or benefit from DIY and the outside players. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting his business strategy. “We think there may be a place for us in that DIY market. I would hate to see as big a trend as that is going to be and ignore it. We are looking at options. ” What he is more excited about is the growing market overall. “I think we are going to be able to compete. I don’t think they will be able to take over the market.

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Following that, you may include colors to the small home furniture.

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Look for long life battery power, too.

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Their duties may include picking up newspapers, mail or even turning on different lights inside of your home.

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From there, determining which security cameras to purchase is made easier with our Security Cameras Buying Guide.